Drivers for Consumer Adoption

  • Exceptional taste and quality
  • Responsible aquaculture practices
  • Hatch to harvest production model

Drivers for Commercial Adoption

  • Exceptional taste, quality, and versatility
  • Stable supply
  • Transparent market structure
  • Regulatory compliance

Versatility Drives Commercial Adoption

Yellowtail ceviche classico
Sesame crusted Yellowtail with soba noodle salad
Yellowtail teriyaki
Pan-grilled citrus Yellowtail
Ahi tuna and Yellowtail poke
Yellowtail poke with glass noodles and pear
Yellowtail sashimi with truffles
Yellowtail sesame seared
Roasted Steelhead
Grilled whole Steelhead
Broiled Steelhead with rosemary, lemon and garlic
Smoked Steelhead
Lemon, garlic, butter Steelhead
Green goodness bowl with pesto Steelhead
Steelhead with creamy barley and herb salad
Baked honey and garlic Steelhead